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Student Mobility Unit


Dr. Amir Rizaan Abdul Rahiman
Head of Student Mobility Unit
Tel: +603-8947 1770 
Fax: +603-8947 1795
Email: amir_r@upm.edu.my


Dr. Maslina Zolkepli
Mobility Coordinator
Department of Computer Science
Tel: *207 
Fax: +603-8947 1795
Email: masz@upm.edu.my


Prof. Madya Dr. Shyamala C. Doraisamy
Mobility Coordinator
Department of Multimedia
Tel: +603-8947 1769 
Fax: +603-8947 1795
Email: shyamala@upm.edu.my


Dr. Ng Keng Yap
Mobility Coordinator
Department of Software Engineering and Information System 
Tel: +603-8947 1754
Fax: +603-8947 1795
Email: kengyap@upm.edu.my
  Mr. Mohd. Noor Derahman
Mobility Coordinator
Department of Communication Technology and Network
Tel: +603-8947 1775
Fax: +603-8947 1795
Email: mnoord@upm.edu.my 



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