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FSKTM Students won First Runner Up in I-UM Disrupt Hackathon 2022

By: Tan Ze Han Dylan, Lau Pei Tong, Lau Say Heng and Chn’g Jun Bin


May 2022 - Megaminds team comprised of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students who are Tan Ze Han Dylan, Lau Pei Tong, Lau Say Heng from Computer Systems and Chn’g Jun Bin from Computer Networking was declared as First Runner Up of I-UM Disrupt Hackathon 2022 organized by Universiti Malaya and they have a cash prize of RM1000 and one unit of Chrome Flip Notebook. I-UM Disrupt Hackathon 2022 was organized through online due to the current situation which was heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and students from various local Universities have participated in this event.

I-UM Disrupt Hackathon is a two week long hackathon for students regardless of their level of knowledge about entrepreneurship, coding and field of study to participate in. It is a competition for students to bring innovation and ideas to solve the problem statements stated by I-UM Disrupt Hackathon. I-UM disrupt Hackathon have released a total of three problem statements related to Retail Track and Transportation theme for the participants to select. Megaminds have selected the problem statement that is related to the retail track theme to solve during the hackathon. I-UM Disrupt Hackathon was held from 1st of May to 15th of May 2022 where they conduct activities such as technical and business pitching workshops which were organized by Intel and Lizard Global and also a final demo day for each team to develop, improve and pitch their start up Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Team Megaminds have developed a product called Freshbox which is an online platform for local SME and wet market vendors to market and sell their products. Freshbox is aimed to solve problems such as reduce human contact, help vendors that have shortage in manpower and long queue of customers. For the customer side, Freshbox is able to help customers to bring a whole new level grocery shopping experience with features such as price comparison, live streaming of products, community platform and bargaining using vouchers offered by the local SME and wet market vendors. Team Megaminds hopes that this product will bring a very big impact not only in terms of the business aspect but also to bring simplicity in the daily routines for both vendors and customers.

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