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1 Prof. Madya  Mohd Hasan Selamat                                                        Reducing the Indoor Navigation Systems calibration time by using mathematical interpolation algorithms MOHE
2 Dr. Koh tieng Wei Software Behavioral-based Energy Consumption Model for Developing Energy Efficient Mobile Applications  MOHE
3 Dr. Noraini Che Pa Knowledge Codification and Agent Technology in Risk Assessment of IT Governance for Effective Decision Making MOHE
4 Prof. Madya  Dr. Abu Bakar Md. Sultan               Enhanced Genetic Algorithms for  Detecting and Removing Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Java Web Applications    MOHE
5 Dr. Masnida Hussin Generic cost scheme for Cloud services based on General Equilibrium Theory towards effective resource sharing in multi-tenant environment  MOHE
6 Prof. Madya Dr. Zurina Mohd Hanapi A New Trust Scheme Model in Routing Protocol to Enhance Security Defense at Network Layer for Wireless Sensor Network  MOHE
7 Prof. Madya  Dr. Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain Enhanced Tight Finite Key Scheme For Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Protocol To Authenticate Multi-Party System In Cloud Infrastructure MOHE
8 Prof. Madya Dr. Nurfadhlina Mohd. Sharef Self-Adaptive Model to Improve Disambiguty of Linguistics and Conceptual Mapping in Semantic Question Answering MOHE
9 Prof. Madya Dr. Razali Yaakob An ensemble of classifiers For Improving Multi-View Human Action Recognition MOHE
10 Dr. Mar Yah @Mek Yah Said  Shared-variable Decomposition to Enhance Modelling in UML-B Language  MOHE
11 Prof. Madya Dr. Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad Hybrid Kernel and Sentiment Analysis Methods for Accurate Stock Anticipation in Financial News MOHE
12 Prof. Madya Dr. Lilly Suriani Affendey A Novel Region-Based Surveillance Video Retrieval Model to Formulate Various Query Types Through Relevance Feedback and Bag-Of-Regions MOHE
13 Prof. Madya Dr. Muhamad Taufik Abdullah Feature-Based Document Alignment Method for High Accuracy in Aligning Malay and English Comparable News Collection MOHE
14 Prof. Dr. Mohamed Othman Hierarchical-based Interconnection Switching Network for Massively Parallel Computing MOHE
15 Prof. Madya Dr. Norwati Mustapha A Novel Semi-supervised Support Vector Machine Model to Enhance Anomaly Detection in SOAP Web Services over HTTP MOHE
16 Dr. Abdullah Muhamed  A Great Deluge Algorithm with Novel Bi-Decay Rate for Efficient Job Scheduling in Grid Computing Environment MOHE
17 Prof. Madya Dr. Fatimah Sidi A New Multidimensional Model for Data Warehouse based on Changing Requirements and Data Sources to Enhance the Quality of Logical Schema MOHE
18 Dr. Wan Nurhayati Wan Ab. Rahman Architectural Patterns and Performance Anti-Patterns for a Systematic Migration Framework for Moving Legacy Applications to  Cloud MOHE
19 Prof. Madya Dr. Fatimah Khalid An  Adaptive Hybrid Medical Image Compression Technique using  Symmetric Properties of Human Body to Achieve High  Compression Ratio MOHE
20 Prof. Madya Dr. Md. Nasir Sulaiman New Optimization Method for SVM in Imbalanced Classification Problem MOHE
21 Dr. Azizol Abdullah A Novel Resource Provisioning Mechanism for High Availability in Cloud Computinmg Environment MOHE
22 En. Mohd Noor Derahman A Secure Resource Provisioning Mechanism for High Reliability using Trust and Recovery Methods in  Intercloud Environment MOHE
23 Dr. Kweh Yeah Lun Cross-layer Integrated Queue Management and Downlink Scheduling Algorithm for an Optimal Tarde-off Among LTE Performance Targets MOHE
24 Dr. Nor Asilah Wati Abdul Hamid A Hybrid Parellal Algorithm for OpenMP, MPI and UPC on  Multicore Cluster Supercomputers MOHE
25 Dr. Alfian Abdul Halin Aesthetics Energy of Image Color-based Point of Regard Estimation for Distance Independent Non-Intrusive Eye Gaze Tracking MOHE
26 Prof. Madya Dr. Rahmita Wirza Ok Rahmat Interpolation Mesh Fitting to Reconstruct Quantitative 3D Geometrical Model of the Tricuspid Aortic Valve in 3D Echocardiographic Images for Cardiac Disease Prediction MOHE
27 Dr. Saadah Hassan An Analysis Approach for Specifying Innovative Elements in Improving Mobile Application Requirements MOHE
28 Dr. Sharifah Md. Yasin A New Secret Sharing Scheme to Enhance Key Management of 2-Dimensional Cellular Automata Cryptosystem. MOHE
29 Dr. Novia Indriaty Admodisastro A Self-Adaptation Framework to Enhance Dynamic Service Reconfiguration in Service-Oriented Architecture MOHE
30 Dr. Ng Keng Yap Enhanced Error Inheritance Prevention Technique based on Incremental Component Composition MOHE
31 Dr. Mohd Taufik Abdullah Multi-layer Access Control for Authenticating, Monitoring and Controlling Mobile Devices in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Environment MOHE
32 Prof. Madaya Dr. Nur Izura Udzir  A Hybrid Multibiometric Continuous Authentication Framework Based on Shielding Functions and Non-Invertible Transformation  MOHE
33 Dr. Idawaty Ahmad An enhanced energy-aware task scheduling algorithm exploiting time/utility function in multiprocessor environment for adaptive real-time systems MOHE
34 Dr. Salmi Baharom Genetic algorithm approach to enhance the effectiveness of State-Sensitivity Partitioning in generating test cases MOHE
35 Prof. Madya Dr. Rodziah Atan Establishing Theory for Cloud Platform Efficiency Measure Based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management and Enforcement MOHE
36 Dr. Rozi Nor Haizan Nor  A Governance framework for collaborative KMS in Malaysian government agencies using collaborative theory for Effective Decision Making MOHE
37 Dr. Jamilah Din SDPM to support management decisions in optimizing performance of safety critical system development. MOHE
38 Dr. Norhayati Mohd Ali Metamodel Critics to Enhance the Consistency of Model-Implementation Mapping in a Model-Driven Software Engineering MOHE
39 Dr. Azreen Azman An Effective Model to Predict Sentiment Influence Within Social Media Based on Information Foraging Theory MOHE
40 Dr. Iskandar Ishak A new countermeasure method to minimize consistency anomalies in heterogeneous sensor databases based on relaxed-ACID and BASE properties MOHE
41 Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Md. Sultan The Evolutionary Programming Approach for Automatic SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Fixing in Web Application MOHE
42 Prof. Dr. Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani Access Control Testing Method for Data Security and Privacy on Public Cloud Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications MOHE
43 Dr. Pathiah Abdul Samad Enhancing the Effectiveness of Common Modeling Language for Verifying the Interactions of Component-based Software MOHE
44 Dr. Koh Tieng Wei MVC Dynamic Web Services Composition Technique and Complexity Measurement Model to Improve the Productivity of Service-oriented Applications Development MOHE
45 Dr. Noraini Che Pa A Model of Reusability Optimization using Intelligent Agent to Increase Performance in Requirement Engineering MOHE
46 Dr. Azree Shahrel Ahmad Nazri A Novel Feature Extraction Methods Based on Curvelet Transform/Gabor Wavelet for Accurate Detection of Subtle Breast Abnormality from Thermograms MOHE
47 Prof. Dr. Hamidah Ibrahim Threshold-based  Probabilistic Interval Skyline Queries for Efficient Skyline Computation on Big Data MOHE
48 Prof. Madya Dr. Marzanah A. Jabar  New Adaptive and Dynamic Hybrid Agile Model to Enhance Software Project Success Deliveries MOHE
49 Dr. Mas Rina Mustaffa Effective Content-Based Fish Species Image Retrieval based on Enhanced Zernike Moments-Local Directional Pattern MOHE


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