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Computer Graphics, Vision and Visualization (CGV2)

The major aim of this research group is to bring together members so that they can focus their attention on current Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, 2 and 3-dimensional visualization. Approach: To achieve this aim, this research group was designed to be flexible, adapt to the variety and unique knowledge background within Visualization from each of members. Basically, this group bridges the theory and practise of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Imaging and Computational Geometric. Research work conducted covers fundamental theory, specific enhancement algorithms to fully enhancing system applications, 3-dimensional visualization, Video Processing, Imaging, Object Recognition, Visualization Integrated System, Information Visualization and Computer Assisted Surgery. Benefit: There exist one special interest group that focuses on Computer Assisted Surgery and Diagnostic research work. Where at this stage, this special interest group is more on application research work that related to Cardiothoracic surgery and diagnostic.  Due to characteristic of application research work, some of CGV2 members establish collaboration with JAKIM, DBP, IJN and PPUKM. With these collaboration and application research work, the team able to deliver a computer system that will benefit others. Please refer to and Competitors: There are numbers that we considered as competitors, never the less, the most relevant are these research group (The Computer Graphics and Vision Group, School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Oregon State University and The Computer Vision and Visualization Research Group, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney. However the existence of our special interest research group, application research work and research collaboration, this team are ahead from the competitors. Generally most of the other research group focusing either on Computer Graphics and Visualization or on Computer Vision only.

Group Members:





Assoc. Prof. Dr. Puteri Suhaiza Sulaiman (LEADER)

Computer Graphics and Computer Vision


Prof. Dr. Rahmita Wirza  O.K. Rahmat 

Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Geometric Design and Computer Assisted Surgery


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatimah Khalid

Computer Vision and Image Security


 Dr. Hizmawati Madzin 

Computer Vision, Image Information Retrieval and Medical Imaging


Dr. Ng Seng Beng

Computer Graphics and Geometrical Reverse Engineering


Dr. Siti Khadijah Ali

Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Geometrical Design and Biomedical Engineering (exoskeleton)



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