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How do I join the Bachelor of Computer Science programme at FSKTM?

To join the programme offered at the faculty, you can apply through the University Central Unit, Ministry of Higher Education, as in the Application for the September Admission. 

Please click here if you are international candidates 

Where can I find information on the entry requirements for Bachelor Programme?
What are the Bachelor Programs offered?

  • Bachelor in Computer Science with Honours
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Multimedia Computing) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Network) with Honours
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honours

  • General
    Can I visit the University/faculty to have a look round?

    Much of the campus is publicly accessible and you are welcome to have a look round, however access to most buildings is restricted to University card holders only. You would probably gain a better insight into the courses and the University if you could contact the University or the Faculty that you are interested to study.

    How long does the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology was established in UPM?

    The global evolution and significance of Computer studies and research was strategically harnessed in UPM’s program offerings in the 1980s. Among the pertinent strategies to achieve this was to offer the Diploma and Bachelor of Computer Science courses. The exponential demand and expansion of the courses needed a dedicated administrative and academic structure. Thus, by 1992, in keeping with the rapid pace of information technology, the Department of Computer Science was established. Further, courses were designed and offered to synergize the needs and demands of the multitudes of students exemplifying the domestic and international market demands. These encompassed postgraduate studies and supervision for students in pursue of the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programmes. In 1995, there was further innovation in the deployment of providing Computer studies in UPM. Thus, is realizing the true essence of a borderless education, the Diploma and Bachelor of Computer Science was offered cooperatively between UPM and private educational institutions. This indeed realized the widening of UPM’s Computer studies spectrum. In October 1998, the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology was officially established to meet the demands for additional academic programmes and to keep pace with rapid developments in the respective field. The setting up of the Faculty also parallels the goal of the university to stay abreast of developments in Information Technology. Currently, the faculty constitutes of four departments: Department of Multimedia, Department of Computer Science, Department of Software Engineering and Information Systems and the Department of Communication Technology and Networks. 

    How do I apply for a postgraduate programme at UPM?

    Application for postgraduate programs at UPM is via online at Prior to application for admission, prospective students is strongly advised to visit the website of School of Graduate Studies at

    When should my application for admission be sent to UPM?


    What is the minimum academic admission requirements for Master's or PhD programme in FCSIT?

    Formore informataion, please refer to this link

    I am in my final semester of undergraduate programme. Can I apply for admission for postgraduate study at UPM?

    Yes. A final year student of undergraduate programme can apply provided his current CGPA meets the programme admission requirement.

    How much likely to be the approximate tuition fees for postgraduate programme?

    Kindly browse the following link for details

    Is the coursework program held during the day time or at evening or on weekend?

    Classes will be conducted in the evening from 6.30pm to 9.30pm (weekdays).

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