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Best Student Award Borneo Youth Leadership Camp


Two 3rd-year students from FSKTM, Yelilan Rajarajan and Hemini Mani Segaran, had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Borneo Youth Leadership Camp (BYLC) 2023, which took place at Universitas Mulawarman in Samarinda, Indonesia from 17 until 29 July 2023.

Yelilan Rajarajan and Hemini Mani Segaran, both hailing from the Department of Communication Technology and Network, were among the fortunate attendees of this International Summer School Program. Alongside them were 26 other students from various Asian and African countries. The camp aimed to provide a platform for cultural exchange and leadership development among the youth.

The BYLC 2023, an annual Summer School Exchange Program organized by the International Office of Universitas Mulawarman, offered a unique blend of academic courses and enriching field trips. It focused on fostering leadership skills and raising awareness of environmental and social issues.


During the camp, the participants were exposed to an array of activities, including lectures and workshops, organized by seven different faculties. The Faculty of Education's courses made learning fun and engaging, while the Faculty of Public Health equipped them with life-saving knowledge, including fire safety measures.

The students also embarked on captivating field trips to explore the history and culture of East Kalimantan. They visited Museum Mulawarman in Tenggarong, delving into the region's rich historical heritage. Additionally, they witnessed the traditional production of rice in the paddy fields of Betapus, gaining insights into the region's agricultural practices.

As part of their nature-centric experiences, the participants ventured into East Kalimantan's natural forests, discovering its unique ecosystem and learning about endangered native species like the Bornean sun bear. These experiences aimed to foster an appreciation for environmental conservation and inspire the youth to become proactive leaders in addressing global challenges.

The Borneo Youth Leadership Camp culminated with the announcement of awards, and it was with immense pride that Yelilan Rajarajan received the Best Student award. His outstanding performance, dedication, and leadership qualities during the program were recognized and celebrated by all.

With their minds and hearts enriched by the BYLC 2023, Yelilan, Hemini, and their fellow participants returned to their home countries as empowered youth leaders. Armed with newfound knowledge, cultural understanding, and a passion for creating positive change, they are poised to make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.
























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