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 By: Noraini Che Pa & Novia Admodisastro



FSKTM, UPM: Presentation of the Final Year Project with Industry for Semester 2 2019/2020 and Semester 1 2020/2021 was held on the 4th February 2021 through online using the Zoom application and Facebook FSKTM. This program is organized by the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering (JKPSM), FSKTM, UPM.


The program was first implemented in the year 2018 that involves only 3 industries. This year it involves the cooperation of 4 industries i.e. Hilti, U-Mobile, MIMOS and Prestige Atlantic Sdn. Bhd with 12 JKPSM students in 5 separate projects. This program also involves supervision from the industry and academics of 4 and 9 people.



This two-semester collaboration saw the involvement of the industry from the beginning to the end of the project, namely from the problem statement, needs, system design and implementation, followed by the presentation and demonstration of the project by the students. At the end of the presentation, the industry also provided evaluation and feedback on the students' projects.



The five projects developed by the students are, 'Window Automation and and Data Extraction Tool' with MIMOS, 'CPS X-Series Dragonfly: Drone-Assisted Warehouse Inventory Tracking System' with Prestige Atlantic Sdn Bhd., 'News Analytic to Predict Telco Malaysia Stock Price Performance' and 'INSIGHT: Customer Segmentation and Analysis in Telecom Mobile Analytics’ with UMobile, and ‘Smart Inventory Management System (SIMSys) in Construction Industry’ with HILTI.


The industries involved generally satisfied with the performance and commitment of the students in developing the project. This presentation has received an overwhelming response with 126 online views. The success of the project shows the significant theories, knowledge and skills provided in the Software Engineering Degree curriculum at FSKTM, UPM in solving problems faced by the industry thoroughly. Besides, the students have shown good attitude, ability and enthusiasm in completing the project. Through this program, it is expected to open an opportunity for final year students to promote themselves in finding industrial training and employment opportunities. While the program also continuously enhances cooperation between faculty and industry.



















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