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Course Exemption

Exemption List For SKP2101, SKP2203 and SKP2204

No. Course Code Course Name Course Code Diploma Course Gred Credit
1 SKP2101 Malaysian Nationhood SKP2101 Malaysian Nationhood C 3(3+0)
2 SKP2203 Islamic Civilization & Asian Civilization SKP2201 & SKP2202 Islamic Civilization & Asian Civilization C 2(2+0)
3 SKP2204 Etnic Relations SKP2204  Etnic Relations C 2(2+0) 

* International students are not compulsory to take SKP2204 (Ethnic Relations) and SKP2203 (Islamic Civilization & Asian Civilization). However, these courses must be replaced with any other courses that have the same credit or more.

English Language Experience (ELEx)

The English Language Experience (ELEx) was implemented in September 2013 for UPM undergraduate students.

Click here for Elex Scheme Intake September 2013. 

Click here for Elex Scheme Intake September 2017. 



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