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About Industrial Training



Industrial Training is one of the courses offered to Bachelor of Computer Science’s students intended to give them exposure of the real working environment whilst nurturing their communication skills, problem solving skills and professionalism elements.


Industrial Training Unit, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UPM was formed on the 28th July 2009 to manage the industrial training operations. This unit is responsible to manage the applicants’ placements acceptance/rejection/confirmation also coordinating the distributions of monitoring lecturers to organizations.

Organization Structure

Industrial Training Unit is led by a Unit Head, and assisted by four Department Coordinators and one supporting staff.

Industrial Training Course

Bachelor of Computer Science’s students that go for industrial training (out-bound) have to fulfil prerequisite requirements set by the individual departments and submit their applications to Industrial Training Unit. The duration of industrial training is for 24 weeks and among the work scope normally received as practical assignments are such as system development, programming, network administrating, web site and courseware development, also 3D presentations and multimedia.

Considerations are also given to ICT students from other institutions of higher learning applying to do their industrial training.

Learning Outcomes

Computer System graduates have good job opportunities both in the public and private sectors, especially jobs related to the computer industry. Positions available for graduates include:

» Critical thinking in solving problems in industrial working environments based on computer.
» Efficiently involved in project development teams.
» Developing programs in the industrial working environment.
» Communicate effectively and have a strong stand to professionalism and ethical responsibilities.
» Making decisions in solving problems related to ethics

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