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Community Linkages


UPM has always maintained a strategic and symbiotic relationships with the community and the larger society in its effort to be a leading University that contributes meaningfully towards sustainable development, development of the people, wealth of the nation, and involvement at the international level. It has identified seven communities in which core activities can be implemented.  They are the:

  1. Local Community (Serdang, Puchong and Bintulu, Sarawak)
  2. Farmers, Livestock Breeders, and Fishermen Communities
  3. Youth Community
  4. Orang Asli’ Community
  5. Senior Citizens Community, and
  6. Cancer Patient Community 

The University acts as a medium between Industries wishing to implement Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes and the target community.

Updated:: 08/01/2014 [amir_peli]


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