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Department of Communication Technology and Network


The formation of the faculty on October 1st 1998 also marked the establishment of the Department of Communication Technology and Network.


Department of Communication Technology and Network is established for the purpose to:-

  1. Provide and offer courses related to Computer Network and Parallel and Distributed Computing as these fields play a major role in the current development of network application system.
  2. Produce graduates with sufficient skills in network design and analysis who can help accelerate the development of network infrastructure in Malaysia for the success of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) flagship applications.
  3. Provide as many experts in network system development skills in developing and managing computer network systems to adapt with the latest network technology such as grid computing, wireless and mobile network and high performance computing.
  4. Serve as a centre of excellence for research in network, parallel and distributed computing as well as wireless and mobile network disciplinary field.

Academic Programme

This department offers bachelor programme in computer science (Computer Networks). This programme outcome entails students to acquire sufficient knowledge, technical and entrepreneur skills in the field of computer network. Students will be exposed to think critically and communicate efficiently demonstrating high level of professionalism, attitudes and netiquette.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Networks)

This programme highlights the main principles of network infrastructure and software engineering in designing communication and telecommunication systems. This includes current techniques for designing, maintaining and troubleshooting secure network system, utilizing local area network (LAN) and wide area network environments and critical issues in developing network environment system.

Curriculum Structure

The program components consist of university courses, core modules, specialization, specialization electives and free modules. The university courses consist of 21 credits, the core modules consist of 54 credits, the specialization consist of 27 credits,   the specialization electives consist of 9 credits and the free modules consist of 12 credits. Total credits to graduate are 123 credits not include 2 credit co-curriculum courses.

»   University Courses (21 credits)

  • BBI2423- Academic Interaction and Presentation
  • BBI2424- Academic Writing
  • KOM3403- Public Oration 
  • MGM3180- Basic Entrepreneurship
  • PRT2008- Agriculture and Man
  • SKP2101- Malaysian Nationhood
  • SKP2203- Asian and Islamic Civilizations
  • SKP2204- Ethnic Relations

 »   Core Modules (54 credits)

  • SSK3003- Discrete Structures
  • SSK3100- Computer Programming I
  • SSK3101- Computer Programming II
  • SSK3118- Data Structures and Algorithms
  • SSK3207- Computer Organization and Assembly Language
  • SSK3313- Operating System
  • SSK3408- Database Application Development
  • SSE3001- Introduction to Software Engineering
  • SIM4207- Ethics in Computing
  • SKR3200- Computer Network and Communication
  • MTH3100- Calculus
  • SKR4901- Industrial Training
  • SKR4949- Bachelor Project

»   Specialization (27 credits)

  • SKR3201- Internetworking
  • SKR3309- Network Protocol
  • SKR3202- Distributed and Parallel Computing
  • SKR3303- Network Programming
  • SKR3308- Parallel and Distributed Programming
  • SKR3504- Network Analysis and Design
  • SKR4200- Network Security
  • SKR4301- Network Management
  • SKR4401- Distributed Systems

 »   Specialization Electives (Choose at least 9 credits)

  • SSK3102- Embedded Systems Programming
  • SKR4201- High Speed Networks
  • SKR4202- High Performance Computing
  • SKR4305- Distributed Operating System
  • SKR3307- Shell Programming
  • SKR4205- Wireless and Mobile Network
  • SKR4307- Mobile Application
  • SKR4403- Grid Computing
  • SKR3306- C++ Programming
  • SSE3202- Human-Computer Interaction
  • SKR4404- Cloud Computing

 »   Free Modules (Choose at least 12 credits)

  • Students are required to choose at least 12 credits of any courses including one language course besides Malay/English language with the permission of the Head of Department.

Career Prospects    

The program offers over a wide range of career opportunities for its graduates to choose from as follows:

  • »   Network Project Manager
  • »   Network Infrastructure Developer
  • »   Network and Distributed Systems Engineer
  • »   Network and Distributed Systems Analyst
  • »   Network Software Entrepreneur
  • »   Mobile application developer
  • »   Network, and Parallel Systems Programmer
  • »   Network Consultant
  • »   Network Security Analyst
  • »   Researcher
  • »   Academic Staff

Graduates also have the opportunity to continue their studies at Master and Ph.D level.

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