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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) focuses on the models, theories and practical insights of human-human interaction, human-computer interaction, human factors in systems design and development. This area also addresses on world issues on the interaction of technology and its capacity to identify the needs of specific user groups such as the elderly, the disabled and children other than general users. The core areas include design methodologies (e.g. user-centered design, activity theory, design principle and guidelines, software engineering methods); usability studies and evaluation (e.g. usability metrics; web usability); user experience (e.g. human psychology and behaviour involving issues like cognitive psychology, user engagement, accesibiliy and enjoyability); social interaction design (e.g. computer supported collaborative work); ubiquitous computing (e.g. haptic interaction, wearable computing, mixed reality); innovative learning (e.g. mobile learning, active learning, blended learning); multimodal interaction (e.g. data handling or exchange, tangible interfaces, gesture and sign languages in interaction, gaze/eye-movement interaction); interactive technology especially on interactive multimedia (e.g. tabletops and interactive surfaces, tablets, smart devices); web hypermedia technology and applications (e.g. web personalization, user profiling and modeling, navigation and hyperlink, web interaction design); ethics and safety issues in HCI 


Group Members:


Name: Azrina Kamaruddin (Dr.)

Position: Research group Head


Department: Software Engineering & Information System

Web site:

Exergames for Millennial and Elderly, Vision Impairment Orientation & Mobility, User Interface, and User Experience for Education in local context.


Name: Noris Norowi (Dr.)


Department: Multimedia

Musical Interactions, Multimobile Collaborative Systems, Interactive Technologies, Sound Cognition

Name: Azrul Hazri Jantan (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)


Department: Multimedia

User Experience And Interactive Technologies, Web / Mobile Design and Development, User Profile / Personalization


Name: Lili Nurliyana Abdullah (Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.)


Department: Multimedia

Multimedia Interactive Technologies

User Experience & User Interface Design, HCI & Forensics, Multimedia Computing.


Name: Novia Admodisastro (Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.)


Department: Software Engineering & Information System


Service Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Modelling, Children and Special-Needs, Educational Technology


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